Form input to send notification

So, If I understand correctly now you can only use e-mail in the form to target a notification.

We have several companies booking clients, using the same form. The client they are booking will receive a notification from the e-mail they enter in the form. The Companies, however, also would need a notification but the booker needs to be able to chose what company they are and from that there is going to be a notification sent to them as well. How to set this up?

We can always use 2 e-mail fields in the form but that forces the booker to enter the 2nd e-mail for the Company each time. Is there a way to automate this using multiple-choice so that the booker can check which company they belong to and there will go a mail to that company’s predesignated e-mail some how?


@MarineMartin I would love to learn more about your setup here, as I think there could be ways to optimize things. If you have multiple different companies using the same form that becomes problematic. It may be best to have different booking pages for each of the clients you work with.

With that said though you could setup the companies in a drop down and have the user select the company. The challenge is we cannot setup dynamic conditions in the To: or From: fields in an email.

One option would be to use the Teams feature and allow the booker to choose the company on the team selection page and then that {TEAM-EMAIL} can be used to send notifications.