Change billing cycle not working

I wish to switch from a monthly to a yearly subscription but when I load the billing page the change billing button appears for 1 second and then vanishes once the page loads, so it’s impossible for me to switch my subscription.

With a VPN the website will not load at all, without the VPN the website loads but the change billing button still does not stay there so I am able to change the billing, I have tried with brave browser, with chrome and safari with and without shields and it still doesn’t work, this is ridiculous and whomever codes the website needs to change the coding to fix these issue, can someone help me to switch to yearly?

@sunfruitdan I think we helped you through support. You had a past due pending invoice we had to remove. You should now be able to setup a new subscription. Our system will not work with a VPN, you will need to shut that down to use the platform.