Customising the Calendar Events for Team and Bookers Specific

Hi Team,

We would like to add “Mark as no show” Button to the calendar event for the team. So when we try to customize this for the team and for the booker, we aren’t receiving any confirmation email or calendar event added to the bookers end. Can you help us debug this?


@thanya.reddy for the No Show option you can add {NO-SHOW} to the calendar description:

Keep in mind that this link is mainly used for internal purposes only, anything you add to the calendar event here will be shared with you and your bookers.

For the email situation, I am seeing emails being delivered successfully, but they are in quarantine, this is normally a security setting on the mail server to help prevent spam. If needed we can get you all setup with DKIM. This is a bit of code you add to your domain to allow our platform to send emails on your behalf.