Double bookings now possible but should not be

I have two team members in the calendars, and can only be attributed to one slot (never double bookings). But recently, double booking is possible, and both team members can be booked on the same time slot.

I have also noticed that the settings are not saving the “Group Bookings” limit if it is 1 anymore. I wonder if it is linked to this (example: Screen Recording 2023-10-04 at 14.57.56).

This bug is still ongoing and extremely annoying. Double bookings should not be happening!

@xbertrandias sorry on the delay and the ongoing frustration. If you have two team members setup connecting to two different calendars the system will allow a booking at the same time slot if they are both available.

You can clear out the Group Booking option here:

If you can send me a message here with the specific page that is running into trouble I can take a closer look at your settings.