Error After Booking - Invalid Input

The booking never completes, but does go to a new page with a delightful error message.

No content in the FAQ. My Google-FU returns no results. Mysterious and vexing!

Any thoughts?

Temporary Configuration Problem

We’re sorry - it looks like we have a temporary problem with this booking page.

Thanks for your patience as we work to get this fixed.

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What is the booking URL you are seeing the error on?

The issue here is with your tests you were using test@test.test as an email. That is not a valid email address. If you use any other domain for the email test it should work.

Hey Ben, I’d the same error.

Can you consider doing validation on the form and not allow the user to enter emails which your system cannot process? We miss valuable bookings if such vague errors are shown.

Is this possible?

Thank you for the feedback, I will get it over to our product team. There isn’t a validation option currently.