Form position out of place

Hi there!

I’ve embedded the YouCanBookMe calander into my wordpress page.
Whatever position I am saving the form, it always shows up below the content.
With footer active, it shows the form below the footer.

Wordpess code module is between the header and the bullepoints.
After publishing, the form is shown below the page’s content.

Contacted Divi (WP theme support) They’ve tested an said it is because of the code.

Anything I’m doing wrong?

@wesley are you seeing things show up correctly on the live page? Testing in Divi I don’t see anything in the edit window, but the booking widget shows up on the live page. It could be something with how the <script> is rendered.

@Ben Thank you for your help. It’s weird because at Divi they’ve tested it and cannot find the issue. I’ve used the shortcode on one of my other sites and it works perfect. I think it can be a conflicting plugin. Anyway. I resolved it making an frame from the code. It looks a bitt off, but it works, so that’s fine for now.

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