Inclusion of team members

Hi YCBM family
Hope everyone is fine and doing well. Well, I have a question about Adding my team members. I have a huge number of medical consultants for the Hair Transplant business and I want to include them after buying the premier plan that is $10/mo Is it possible that I can add them with their work emails and photos so when someone books them for a meeting they get a link directly.

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Welcome to the YouCanBookMe community forum, my name is Marvin with YouCanBookMe.

You can add as many team members as you require, however, keep in mind that the subscription is based on the number of calendars you have linked to a booking page, so if each team member has a different calendar it would increase your subscription price as well.

More info here: Add or remove team members on existing booking page and here: Pricing

Hi Pinto
Is it possible that i can connect just one calender and add several team members


@Suleymantas the challenge with connecting all team members to one calendar that if one of them gets a booking all of them would be unavailable. It is best to have each of your team connect a calendar so their availability will be independent from the others.