Initial page customizing

Hi guys!
I notice that when I click on my link it brings me to an initial page that just says “my service” and asks the client to “select”.
Can I customize that to say a little bit more about me? I’m self employed so a little advertisment wouldnt be a bad thing!
Thank you!

I am not sure this is what you are looking for, but it may help. You can add a bit of text here:

This will show up when someone goes to your page if you have appointment types setup. More info about appointment types here.

Is it possible to change the logo and font size of the appointment types?

Depending on the theme (this is for Softcell), you will probably for the team image or the service image you will use:
.service .servicePic, .team .teamPic{ }

For the font size of the Appointment Type try: