Profile Picture

Hello Guys! I saw other people is able to change the profile picture outside of the circle, this widget still available?

@andres2201 Older accounts and pages may have legacy access to CSS. New accounts and new pages will not. In the future we hope to have more customization options available on the new experience. Apart from adjusting the image, any other changes you would like to see? I will get your comments over to our product and design team.

I just set up a new booking profile using the new experience, and am disappointed that I cannot use our full logo any more. Being restricted to just what fits inside a circle feels arbitrary and like a step backward. Your post of July 2020 is more than 15 months ago. Will you be adding back in the options that we had before so that we can have a nice header logo on top of the booking page?

@Archmarketing welcome to the Forum! No update as of yet. If you want more control over the heading you can embed the booking pages directly on your website (More information here). We have been working on a product roadmap. Once it is completed we will know more on whether these types of customizations is something we will tackle in the next 12 months.