Integration with Proton

Hi, I would really like an integration with proton calender because of their great privacy protection. I use their mail, drive and would love to switch my calender to proton too, but as all my ycmb appointments are still in Google, I don’t make that moove yet. I hope this is going to be created in the near future.


Hi Anita,

Marvin here with the YCBM team, unfortunately, at the moment, this is not a feature that offers but one that I will submit as a feature request for our team to review.

They regularly review customer feedback and feature requests to evaluate what aligns with the future of our tool, and what may be possible to bring into the app in the short term.

If this is something we decide to implement, you’ll be notified by email - or you can follow along with our product updates - Product Updates

Let me know if you have any questions!