Is there a way to display ALL appointments so can group appointments by location?

We are a painting contractor that sends estimators to people’s homes. We use a team booking page to select the estimator who’s previous appointment is closest to the new client. In order to do this, we need to see ALL appointments on their calendar. Is there a way to display their full calendar on YCBM booking page, including their unavailable appointments? We put the city in the booking title so full location would not need to be displayed.

Or is there an integration or AI that would select the best estimator to use based on shortest distance between appointments?

@Sarah_H thank you for sharing this.

You need a way to see all bookings on one calendar? If that is the case one option to explore is to invite an internal calendar to every booking so it appears there to review. That is done here:

Your AI comment is interesting. Having a way to coordinate based off of who is already going to be in the area at the specific time sounds like an amazing feature. We are looking into different AI solutions for the coming year, we will keep this in mind.