It's Possible to ONLY send the "After Appointment Ends Notification" to whom have shown up to the appointment?

Quick Question… If I delete the calendar appointment on my google calendar before the appointment has finished, do the person will be the trigger to get the “After appointment ends” Notification?

If yes, if I cancel the appointment through the Cancel LINK {CANCEL}, will they?

I want to be able to only send this “After appointment ends” Notification to the people that have actually show up to the appointment…

If you delete the event from your calendar manually no notifications will be sent. If you cancel through the {CANCEL} link it will start the cancel messages to the calendar owner within the workflow.

One option would be to setup {OWNER-CANCEL} workflow. After the booking happens have an email sent out to you first. If they didn’t show up click on {OWNER-CANCEL} which will cancel the booking then start the emails to the booker under the cancel workflow. If they did show up you can skip this and then the after booking message to them (possibly delayed by 30 or 40 minutes) will be sent. This is a bit of a workaround, so let me know if you have any questions.

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