Manual reminders

Hi can automate most of what I need for my research, however, I also need to send custom Nextcloud links to each participant after they are booked. Meaning I need to send each participant a unique link to the video call. I want to to do this about 30 min before the video call. The issue I have is that I can´t find a way to contact participants through website, they seem to offer only automated contact with participants. My current solution is to copy/paste participants e-mail and send them a reminder, with the video call link, using Gmail. This becomes cumbersome with many participants and I am looking for a better solution. Any ideas out there?

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@Forclipresearch There isn’t a way to manually adjust the reminder email, but you could explore using the participant feature and manually adjusting the location to the Nextcloud link. More information with participants here.. I hope this helps.

Thank you Ben, I will look into this feature.

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