Max advance booking

Hello, It seems that with a free account the “Max advance booking” is not 365 days but only 6 days, do you confirm that ?
I changed the value but shows only 6 days avalaible.

@pascal you should be able to adjust your maximum notice to 6 days. Yours may be set to 366 days right now:

Thanks Ben, but my purpose is to have 365 days and not only 6 :frowning: I have 365 set but with my free account now I can see only 6 days after it says that I have no possibility…

Thank you for the clarification. If there are no busy events on your calendar, then the signal could be unreliable. If you are connecting to an iCloud calendar this is no longer supported. More information here.

Thanks, what surprise me is that before I had the view on one year and now I have only one week that appears and after it says it is unavailable…

sorry for my english (I’m french).

It looks like there are busy events on your calendar blocking availability. This could be an all day event or an event that spans multiple days. This will be on your iCloud calendar. If you remove that busy event blocking your time, you should see availability come through.

You’re a genious Ben ! You solved my problem : I had a multiple day event with no duration but with repeat every day. I removed it and it works again. Thanks thanks thanks. I was about to move ton another calendar but I am using only Apple products :frowning:

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Great answers and very helpful topic, thanks! :+1: