No iCalendar-Synch makes me pay now, because I have to synch to Google?

Hi there,

as of now, iCalendar/AppleCalendar is not available anymore with YouCanBookMe?
But: many people use Apple Calendar in their business.

I built a synch-chain between my GoogleCalendar and iCal therefore.
BUT: In the availability chek, the synched one shows as read-only, and I HAVE to put in the main GoogleCalendar as well.
But YouCanBook me makes this count as 2 calendars and now many people have to pay for something that was formerly free…


So, how can I use my synched calendar only? Is there any solution to that?
Thank you very much.

Regards, Anja

Hi Anja,

If the same events are on your Google calendar as your iCal, we only need to check 1 for availability. Uncheck the “read only” calendar and you can remain as a free account. Another option is to export your calendar events from your iCal calendar to the Google calendar (more about that from apple)