Nothing works. Calendar does not follow my availability instructions

I have a calendar that is blocking people from booking on the same day and that allows people to start booking from 03:00 AM while I gave it instructions to work with 8 AM to 05:30 PM availabilities.

The issue here could be UTC timezone detection. If you are connecting to a Microsoft calendar it may default to UTC. If you un-check the option to detect the timezone from your calendar automatically (Times & Availability > Timezone & Language > Top check box) the times should come through as you expect. We have plans to revamp our Microsoft integrator to detect timezone differently to help in situations like this.

I have a question about this too…My weekly schedule has certain time slots that are already taken as weekly responsibilities that the calendar that Youcanbook is using. Can’t figure out why YCB shows that those times are available in my schedule - is it because they are always set in the schedule long term? So confused…

Sorry on the delay. The issue could be that you are using units per slot. If that’s the case you’ll need to add a special description.