Postcode Lookup

A common use case in insurance is for a policyholder making a claim to be able to book an appointment with one or more of the insurer’s network suppliers that are appointed for specific UK postcodes. As part of a customer’s self-serve experience, we will either known the customer’s postcode in advance, or capture this using our own self-serve app where we can pass the value to YCBM before rendering a booking page. We want the booking page to pool the availability for all suppliers authorised for that postcode (each of whom may use different calendar services like Outlook or Google). What’s the best way to approach this use case using YCBM given that there could be hundreds of postcodes?

@MichaelL One option would be to build out different booking pages and use the Team Members feature to connect multiple suppliers that can handle specific postcodes. Then you would need a mechanism to route your customers to the right booking page based off of the postcode they have entered. Similarly you could use a another from tool, like Typeform to setup the qualification step and then route folks on a confirmation redirect to the correct booking page.

In the future we hope to have a way to add tags or skills to team members so then based off of how a form is filled out the availability of those suitable to handle the call will be pooled together.

Hi Ben - from the little I know about YCBM, that makes sense. I just wanted to check I wasn’t missing a clever trick or two!

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