Receive payment after booking is accepted

We would prefer to accept a booking before a payment is received/made, allowing the program to take payment and then send a final confirmation.

Hi there,

Ingrid here from team, thank you for reaching out to Customer Support.

That’s an excellent question. Unfortunately, with our Stripe feature, payments are processed during the time they are filling out the booking form.

I will share this with our development department as a suggestion for them to consider in the future.

As a workaround, if you wish to use a payment platform other than Stripe. You could use the “Redirect to a URL after the booking” function. This can be found by going to Booking form> after booking> add the URL of the other payment platform.

Please let me know if I was able to answer your question or if I’m off base here

I had a requirement for a similar feature, where I wanted to split payments with other fellow members and the user should be able to book before making the payments. I have been trying out other products as well, couldn’t this feature. I found this option in one product but haven’t tested it out completely where they were allowing payment splitting and all.

Need to check more products like Calendly and SavvyCal, because I feature is very important for me as I need to handle the splitting and booking myself now here.