Schedule Not Showing

Hi! My bookings for 11:00-11:30 next week isn’t showing although I can see them in my Google Calendar. Please let me know what’s causing this? Thank you!

You will want to verify a few fields.

Under Time & Availability - Verify your Availability Time
Verify “Title for Your Events” is correct in your defined Calendar.

  • for example if my Key word is CWIAdvising, Make sure your Working hours has the CWIAdvising in your title of your calendar event. A major hangup, that is easy to miss, is that your availability is set to Free.
    This is where the majority of issues comes in for people. It is easy to forget the Free by default Google calendar sets it to Busy. A good Help page is. Setting your availability

Verify Duration & Display - Grid display - Show availability in increments of 30 mins is set.
Validate your Jump to date options.

Hope this helps.