SMS doesn't work

I have bought the credits for sending SMS to the booker, and made the form with phone number, but after booking the SMS has not been sent.
As I checked the SMS notifications history all the message was been “FAILED”.

I am using this survice in Japan, and writing SMS in Japanese character.
Is that why SMS is not send??
Please, help me~;;

Hi there, welcome to the forum.

On your booking form, you need to select question type “Phone number” and check the box “mobile phone” for SMS to work. Right now your question type is “short answer” so we aren’t able to send an SMS to this field.


Thank you so so so much, now its working!!!
I have another three question.
1)If the message is longer than 160words, does it take 2 credits?
2)Can we change the sender’s name for SMS?
3)Is there any service of purchasing SMS credits automatically?