SMS reminder does not work

Hi, I think I have filled out everything correctly, I have purchased sms credits but SMS reminders are not sent.
What am I missing here?

@Irma thank you for reaching out. Your reminder is set to be sent: 36 hours before the appointment starts.

If someone books anytime less than 36 hours, the reminder will be skipped. You can setup another SMS reminder to go out an hour before as an example. This may help.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your response. Totally understand that reminders are not sent if booking is made shorter than 36 hours. But this is not the case. Booking was made on October 20th for October 24th and no reminder via sms was sent. moreover, in order to block my availability, I make bookings for myself and I don’t receive reminders either. So for some reason, sms remover reminders are not sent. I can’t figure out what the problem is. Hope you can.

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@Irma It looks like the form field for the mobile number was changed from PHONE to Q5, this could be the issue. I adjusted the page to reference Q5, so we should see reminders being sent out for all bookings booked in the future.

Hi Ben, it now works so thanks for solving it!

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