[Solved] Groups collapsed by default

It’s great to have appointment types.

However I am starting to have a lot of different appointment types, targeted at different groups of customers. It would helpful if I could set an option to “Collapse groups by default” in the Appointment type window. That way, my customers would see one group for each target demo, and expand the group they are most interested in. Otherwise, I don’t think they would scroll through the page if everything were expanded.


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Thanks for this request. I will share it with the team for consideration. This could be something we could add to the UI within the grouping option under Appointment Type settings.

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@Ben Thanks for letting me know.

On this topic, and for others on the forum, I should add that I really cared about this feature request: I was using them extensively across several categories (For TAs, For Students, For Faculty) and when they were expanded it was completely chaotic. Collapsed it is very clear. This was really important for me.

@tiffany saved the day and was able to hack a bit of CSS for this to happen already. It is a “hack” in the essence that it needs someone at YCBM to set it up, but it works beautiful and it makes a great difference to my experience. I think it’s terrific that your product allows you for this type of flexibility and I really appreciate it, as well as @tiffany’s willingness to exercise this flexibility for my success :smiley:

YCBM’s ability to customize so well is key to its appeal.

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Yes this would be nice!

I’ve been asking for this for half a year.

Please, please implement this suggestion. It seems like a very simple implementation to give us the option for this and would go a long way toward improving the user experience.

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@LeroySchulz I will float this over to the product team and record your interest in seeing this added as a feature. Thanks for your comments!

This seems like a simple thing to implement as an option for us. I really hope the team makes this happen soon.


Hi Ben, any update on this?


Nothing yet @LeroySchulz let me connect with the product team to check on this.

This was the forum thread that popped up most frequently when researching about this issue, so I wanted to bump this one. Is there any update on the collapse of the “Appointment Types”. I have about 40-50 different types, and while separation by group works, it’s just a lot for a customer to take in when booking. I thought I could get some CSS in there, but that was taken out.

Thank you!

@PremierTechRepair welcome to the Forum and for your post. As you have seen this isn’t the first request we have gotten about collapsing Appointment Type groups. I will get an update for you all as I didn’t update this thread earlier this year. We removed custom CSS for security purposes.

I had a catchup with the design and product team. They will be working out a way to get this in a future release. There are some other changes they are mocking up around styling of booking pages like hiding unavailable time. I do not have a definite time frame, but it is on our radar. I will be sure to send through another updated when I have it. Thank you all for bringing this to our attention and for your patience.

Hi Ben, is there an ETA for this? It’s coming on two years since this feature request was first posted.

@LeroySchulz No update on this one. In order to accomplish this we will need to finish our infrastructure work behind the scenes to update the framework of the booking grid, which won’t be completed for 6 months, potentially longer.

Okay, thanks for the update.

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Hi Ben, any update on this? It’s been over three years now since this feature request first came up.

Hi @LeroySchulz we have this changed queued up to be worked on now. Question for you, would you expect this to be on by default for anyone using Appointment Types in groups? Or would having the feature manually enabled be the better option?

I would think defaulting to groups collapsed is the clean and elegant approach, but giving YCBM users the ability to choose their preference would be welcome. I would probably always use groups collapsed.

This is now released and can be selected on an existing page:

Thank you. I just implemented that change. That will make it easier for clients to see all of the categories of bookings to make the right choice.

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