Travel Time from Gmail

Is there any chance YouCanBookMe supports “travel time” in Gmail appointments? Since I’m setting travel time there, it seems redundant to have to use the “padding” feature in YCBM. I travel between offices occasionally, with a 90-minute drive between, so that’s a critical feature for me. Thanks!

That is not currently supported. I will put in a feature request to see about exploring this. While the padding will give you time between appointments it won’t allow much fluctuation. The benefit with padding is that you won’t have to worry about adjusting anything on the calendar as things will be setup automatically. How often are you traveling between offices @russpierson?

Thanks, Ben. My trips probably average out to be at least once a week—I’m a dean at a satellite campus for a community college, and frequently have to make a 90-minute trip to the main campus for meetings I can’t attend virtually for one reason or another. Unfortunately, the meetings often don’t follow a repeatable pattern, but it’s easy enough to tick the box to include travel time in my email client.

I signed up for YCBM with a Gmail address, though I am aware of your education discount. Before I upgrade, I’m just checking to see if there’s some easy way to catch that travel time without having to go in and add padding to all these appointments since I’m already doing that once in my email client.

Thanks again,


I have setup a free 14 day trial on your account to allow you to test out the paid features to see if they will work for you. I have also added the education discount as well in case you decide to upgrade. One option is to setup an On Duty schedule that essentially is time folks can book with you when you are on campus, blocking out time on your calendar. You can have one just for online meetings as well. Essentially connecting two calendars with individual availability.