Trying to "Accept invitation" only shows the error page

One of my co-workers I have sent an invitation to become team members tried to click “accept invitation” many times, but she only saw the screen that says
An unexpected error happened
Our tech team have been automatically notified and will be looking into what caused this issue. A page refresh should get you up and running again.” (here is the screenshot)

Clicking any button on Youcanbookme leads her to this error page now. Would you kindly give us a solution? Thanks!

Hi - We’ve deleted your colleagues account - can you please try inviting them again?

The invitation needs to come from the Account Owner, I can send a message privately with more details.

Hi Tiffany! Thank you for your response and kindly delete my colleague’s account!
The reason i’m logging in this forum with my personal account is because my company is using a tool to automatically put the password for company email address **** and i couldn’t figure out the password, but when I invited colleagues it was from the Account Owner using *****. I’ll send another invitation to my colleague and I appreciate if you could give me further explanation why this happened so that I could be careful not to cause the same problem again. Thanks!!

It looks like your colleagues account had been half-created and got corrupted, so they weren’t able to fully join the account. Now I can see they are successfully connected! Let us know if you run into any other issues inviting your team from the Account Owners account.


Thank you for your support and further explanation!!

I would appreciate your help with another question since I couldn’t find the answer in the Knowledge Base.

As an account owner, we would like to be able to see all the booked meetings that show up in the

“Booking” page, in one calendar of the account owner’s google account [EMAIL REMOVED BY ADMIN] Currently we see the booked meeting info in each contributor’s calendar but not in the owner’s calendar.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks for your support.


Yes, all the bookings made through are shown on the Bookings dashboard.

The contributors would have to share their calendar permissions directly through Google so that the account owner could see the bookings via Google. Here’s a guide from Google on how they would do that: Share your calendar with someone - Calendar Help

Thank you for your reply.

I acknowledge that we are able to see other people’s calendar if they’re integrated with the main account on Google, but I wish to have a function to be able to see only the scheduled meetings via youcanbookme in account owner’s calendar, which will be just the reflection of all the bookings shown on the Bookings dashboard.
Since another calendar integration tool we used to use has that function, I was wondering if it’s available with youcanbookme as well.

Appreciate your answer regarding this question.

You can add the account owner as a participant on all bookings - then all future bookings will be added to both the team member booked and the account owners calendar. That would give them an overview of all bookings - Add new bookings to multiple calendars - Support

If that doesn’t work for you, I’m happy to submit this as a feature request to our development team.


Thanks for your advice.
I think that’s the answer I needed.

Thanks again for your assistant!!

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Hi Tiffany!!
I’d appreciate your assistance this time very much…
There was once that our colleague didn’t get the rescheduling notification. This is the screenshot of Timeline of the booking details. It seems the cause of this happening was the integration I made with Zapier. Even though it seems working now (I did scheduling and rescheduling myself just to see if it works and it did), but I don’t want this to happen another time. Do you have any suggestion to prevent this matter, keeping the integration with Zapier.

hi there - for this issue, can you contact the support team via your Get Help dashboard? They’lll need the booking REF for this booking so they can look into the logs and see why the emails didn’t trigger.


Thanks for your advice!! I’ll contact the support team via Get Help dashboard!!