Turning all Notifications on and off

We are preparing to implement scheduling using YCBM. The plan is to enter the current backlog of appointments from paper records. We would like to halt notifications during the implementation period and start notifications sometime later.
Can notification be stopped/started with deleting/recreating notification on the booking page?

Hi @Michael, I hope you are doing well!
If you plan on manually adding bookings from paper records yourself, you could set up just a booking page to do this project, and have a separate one for “new” (non-paper record) bookings.
While linking both booking pages to the same calendar.
This way, you set up your paper record booking page without any notifications (just remove all of them from each action flow) and add all the bookings you need.
The other booking page can be distributed to your customers directly to schedule in meetings. Just make sure that you finished adding your backlog of paper records so you don’t get double booked!

If, at some point you need notifications to be sent from any of the paper record bookings, you can add them in after. Any notification that’s newly set up and due before the time it needs to be sent, will always trigger.

I trust this helps! Let me know if that made sense or if you still have questions.
Have a great day Michael!

Excellent, thank you!