All YCBM are muted on my gmail account

Hi team,

I really need your help. I’ve missed about 4 appointments due to this. Whenever I get a booking, I do not receive any instant notification on my phone that someone booked a call with me. I would have to manually open my gmail to verify my booked meetings. This defeats the purpose of this service as I am not even aware when a booking is placed. I’ve tried with different emails and had the same problem. The person who books receives a confirmation but I don’t.

When checking with my gmail account, YCBM is not muted and I receive other important notifications on my gmail. Not sure how to go about this issue as I need to find a solution quickly.

@vkandiah welcome to the Forum. I am sorry you are hitting an issue with notifications.

Checking in our email system I am seeing things arrive within a few minutes to your Gmail address from our address. If you add this address as a contact it might make it appear in your inbox, instead of a different folder or label. Or you could setup a filter to do this.

With that said I setup a handful of SMS credits on your account and setup an SMS notification you can edit here:

This will allow you to setup an instant message when someone books.

Hi Ben, thank you for getting back to me. The problem is I’m not getting the notification on my phone as if all emails from YCBM are muted. I always have to manually go into my email and check my bookings. My Gmail is not muted and my notifications are not turned off but for some reason, YCBM emails are muted. I want to receive notifications on top of my screen.