After Hours drop off

I don’t think this is possible but maybe there is something you guys can think of that i haven’t thought of!

We own an automotive garage. This calendar is simply to allow customers to book online if they want to. Sometimes we have customers drop off their car after hours when we’re not there. Is there an idea that you guys have for me to set up after hours appts.? I do most of the scheduling instead of customers right now anyway, and with these after hours customers I just schedule it with my google calendar but they don’t get notified (unless I do it on my own).

Is there another way of going about it? Or is my version of implementing Google calendar as my after hours drop off the only solution right now?


@mitchellsauto515 Liz welcome to the Forum! Not sure if anyone else would have a different suggestion, but you could setup another booking page for after hours drop offs, or setup a separate calendar for that and use the teams feature. This is a bit more complicated as you could setup Custom Availability on each of the teams with the Normal hours setup on the regular calendar and then After hours setup on the other calendar.

So in essence you would connect to two calendars on one booking page and give the option for your customers to select after hours drop off or schedule a regular time. Then when they choose only the available times come in for the appointments either after hours or during regular hours.

For Custom Availability each calendar would need FREE events with the same title for when they are available. Then this title is added to the booking page.

Or the other option as mentioned an easier on is to build another booking page with different availability for the after hours appointments. You could link one page to the other in the instructions with something like: [To drop off after hours click here](

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