Allow Administrators to Rebook

Please allow Administrators to “Rebook” appointments that are in Cancelled or No show status. This would be a great addition, please.

Currently, only Account Owners are able to “Rebook” appointments that are in Cancelled or No show status.


@dinodxynez thanks for the suggestion. I’ll talk with the product team to get an update. I suspect like the other changes we are looking to make, that it will be possible once we get some infrastructure updates in place.

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That’s a great idea. I second this. I frequently run into situations where being able to rebook a cancelled shoot with a couple of clicks would be very handy.

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Update here from the team:
We have a solution that we worked on previously for allowing administrators, editors, and contributors to rebook and we’ll be bringing that back! We think most of the code is ready but needs another look. Hopefully we will see this in the coming weeks.


This is great news, @Ben :partying_face:

Hello, @Ben :upside_down_face: any update on allowing administrators, editors and contributors the ability to Rebook? I currently share my login credentials with an administrator I’ve assigned :frowning_face:

If the code is ready for this implementation, I’m sure this would be a huge success for YCBM.

@dinodxynez The initial research is done on this and the work will start soon. I will circle up with the team when they are back in the office to get an official update.

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As always, @Ben , thank you for the updates, definitely appreciated not only by myself but by most in the Forum, for sure. If we can get our Administrators the ability to "Rebook" appointments that are in Cancelled or in No Show status, that would be incredible.

@dinodxynez Our hope was that things would be on the board and ready to be built, but there is still some legacy functionality we need to remove for the work to begin.