Google Workspace Integration Issues

I have been having calendar availability issues with a subset of my team members on all of my booking profiles. I have a set of “legacy” users that I created and shared a calendar using my personal google account and all of them have availability. However, as we have scaled our bookings I have added new user calendars to our google workspace account and have integrated their calendars. I am finding that all of the calendars created with google workspace are no longer showing availability, whereas all of the calendars created via my personal google account still show availability.

In google workspace for “External sharing options for secondary calendars” I have selected “Share all information, and allow managing of calendars”.

This issue is essentially making YCBM unusable for approximately half of my user base.

@bunkbed I sent you a message about this. I am talking with the development team, but this feature:

Doesn’t seem to be cooperating with your team’s availability. When you turn that off it will show time. I will report back once I have more information.