How can I skip calendar selection on user setup?

I’ve been invited to join my client’s YCBM account so that I can assist them with a few of the more technical setup matters.

However the invite process that I follow from an email asks me to share a login to a calendar app that I am using, to which I have to grant YCMB access. Worse, all the calendars will apparently get shared to the client and other users of the system.

There seems to be no way to skip this step, or am I missing something ? I have no interest in sharing calendars as I won’t be a normal user, I just need the access the account holder has given me to configure things. Surely it’s possible to avoid this ?

@ycbmAddy at this time if you are invited to a team account you will need to have a calendar integrated. One option to explore if you do not need to connect your calendar, is to setup a new YCBM account and bypass the calendar connection step to use the default YCBM calendar. Then you can have your client invite you to join their organization.

This is such a bizarre quirk of the software and very frustrating, please pass on my feedback to the dev team. It’s a huge hurdle for me to get into the account having been genuinely invited, and its an annoyance also for the account owner as they don’t want my calendars inside their system.

The solution suggested doesn’t work for me as I only have 1 email address and its already in the system as I started to sign up via the invite. So creating an account just gets me straight back to the same step.