Reading other calendars that are shared with my main calendar

I’m hoping this is something YCBM can do. I have a free account, and right now, I don’t use this often enough to warrant a monthly plan (about 3-4 weeks out of the year that I need a large number of students to be able to book time with me). However, I have three calendars now to manage my time because of wearing many hats. I have shared my other calendars with my main calendar that is linked to YCBM, but it seems YCBM does not read those bookings if they are shared to my main calendar instead of scheduled ON the calendar directly. Is there any way to change it so that YCBM will read those? Would really LOVE an economical solution.

(Paying per calendar is actually pretty cost ineffective for me. I don’t need the premium features, so if I upgraded, it would be only to add another calendar and that would mean jumping from free to $20 a month. That’s really not feasible for my needs.). Anywhoo…here’s hoping.

Sorry on the delay with getting back to you. One option would be invite your main calendar to events on the other calendars. This would add a busy event on the calendar that we can “see” which will block your time accordingly. Bit of a manual process, but this would allow you to have accurate availability while still being on the free version.