How long do Zoom links last for?

YCBM creates a custom Zoom link - great.

However I believe this is only live for a certain period.

How long before the meeting is it live and how long after the meeting starts is it live for?

Had a situation yesterday where a client lost his connection and whilst we had just finished and were chatting, I wasn’t sure how long the link was valid for in order for them to reconnect.

Many thanks.

Hi @isdoo I hope you are doing well!
The Zoom link is available to access 30 minutes before the meeting start time, if you click the link before that, you (or your customer) will receive a message that the meeting hasn’t started yet and they need to come back closer to the start time.
After your meeting time has ended, the Zoom link remains available for the rest of day (that I can confirm through testing) - it might be even longer, I haven’t tested this yet.

I trust this helps! If you have any other questions, do let us know :slight_smile: