Missing fields in Zapier?

I already use the Zapier/YCBM integration for a few things and I just spent time setting up new functionality but I can’t find two things:

  1. the cancellation reason notes when a client cancels a booking.
  2. the new and old date/time when a client reschedules a booking.

Am I overlooking these or is YCBM not sending this information to Zapier?

Hey Leroy, I am terribly sorry on the long delay here. I have been meaning to test things out. With that said you are not overlooking things. There are some limitations with how the Zapier integration works currently. We are working on scoping out an update to this to bring in more information.

Before that happens though, I highly recommend to use the webhook feature through Zapier (if you have a premium Zapier plan). This will allow you to send anything you want through at the different triggers. We have a video to explain here: Passing data to other systems