Optional Payment


is it possible to make the payment optional?

I can double all appointment types. One with a certain price and one with the price of 0.

Is there another way to achive this too?

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There isn’t a way to make the payment optional, payments are either turned on or they aren’t. Your idea of having duplicate appointment types is a good one, but it would allow all of your bookers to bypass the payment option. If that is find then duplication and making the free ones $0 is a good option. The other option would be to route folks to a payment option after they book with the URL redirect. You could guide them to a PayPal cart page or a different payment page for an optional payment. https://support.youcanbook.me/article/258-redirect-to-a-url-after-the-booking

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Thank you Ben, I didn’t think about the redirect. That’s clever! I appreciate your comment.

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