Stuck trying to pre-approve Zoom

Hi, Whilst trying to follow the instructions to integrate Zoom I ran into this message from Zoom

You cannot authorize the app
This app requires pre-approval by your account admin. You may reload this page and click on “Request pre-approve”.

  • see first screenshot in image below

So I reloaded the page and clicked on “request pre-approve” and then sent a follow-up request to our Zoom account admin (IT) who wrote back to say

“I attempted to approve the Zoom integration however it doesn’t appear to exist in Marketplace (see screenshot below) therefore I’m unable to approve.”

No results found for “You Can Book Me”

  • see second screenshot in image below

I’m stuck. Can anyone please suggest steps to troubleshoot or resolve this?

Images related to block-quotes above:


Hi Haydn, sorry for any frustration.

You can find the app here:

Let us know if that works for you.