Waiting list functionality?

Does YCBM offer any type of waiting list functionality?

During my busy season I’m often booked out a week or more, with clients eager to snap up any time slots that are cancelled or rescheduled. Currently I have to remember who it is and remember to notify them if something opens up.

Ideally I’d like to see a check box for something like “notify me of earlier openings” which YCBM can look at to compare their booking day + time and if any slot opens up earlier automatically notify them with the reschedule link.

Is this possible?

@LeroySchulz this isn’t possible currently. One option would be to link to another form system like Google form or Typeform to capture this information [No time join waiting list](URLtoform?useTarget=_blank)

The team have discussed a waiting list, but it isn’t on the roadmap for this year.

Using a different system to capture wouldn’t help since the point is to use YCBM to automate the process.

It would be brilliant to for clients to receive a message from YCBM saying “you asked to be notified of earlier availability. A booking slot on DAY2/TIME2 is now available. Click here to reschedule your DAY1/TIME1 booking to this earlier slot.

Something like this would be an extension of the existing reschedule functionality but would be very helpful for my team and our clients.